Block B’s P.O. is currently hospitalized due to panic



Block B member P.O, who is the youngest of the group and has just graduated from high school last month, has been hospitalised as of February 24th.

Block B has recently been caught up in a controversy following their behaviour in a Thai interview. Since then leader Zico has shaved his head in a form of remorse; the group as also bowed in apology on television, but the anger built up against them has yet to subside.

P.O. reportedly was in a state of panic for the week following the incident, and was further shocked when several netizens went as far as to call for them to commit suicide. In fact, while P.O. attended the pre-recorded session of February 23rd’s M! Countdown, he was notably absent from the live segment.

A spokesperson from BrandNew Stardom, Block B’s agency, avoided going into details by stating, “It’s true that P.O is currently in hospital. He received a huge shock from the controversy, but a conclusive medical report is not out yet.”

He added, “It’s undeniable that they made a mistake, and they will not make any excuses for it. We are working to clear up any exaggerations or misinformation through the media. Right now our immediate concern is the health of the members and their families.”

He also said that they are working with representatives on the Thai side to settle Block B’s visit schedule, and that Block B’s plan is to try their very best and let nature run its course for everything else.

source – koreaboo


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