Why does Krystal’s mom dislike Lee Jong Suk?

Anyone who has ever had a sibling can relate to the love hate relationship that develops while growing up with each other. MBC’s ’High Kick 3‘ is no exception, as Lee Jong Suk and f(x)‘s Krystal play the roles of brother and sister that are constantly bickering and bantering with each other.

On a recent interview with TV Report, Lee Jong Suk explained, “Since Krystal and my (character) fight all the time, now I feel the most comfortable when our characters are fighting. We don’t even have to think when we act now.”

He continued, “Since Kyrstal and I fight so much, the magnitude of our fights have been increasing. So there are times when we actually hit each other. I think that might be why I’ve heard that Krystal’s mom doesn’t like me.”

Showing his humorous side, Lee Jong Suk added, “(Well) my grandmother doesn’t like Ahn Soo Jung(Krystal) either,” causing laughter on the set of the interview.

Meanwhile, even though Lee Jong Suk’s ‘High Kick 3′ character is rough and tough with his sister Krystal, he is sweet and sensitive to his crush Kim Ji Won.

We’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll be able to win over her heart.

source – latest in kpop tumblr


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