Overseas quiz games aim to help spread Hallyu

South Korea will hold a round of quiz games in about 20 nations with questions and answers on the “Korean Wave,” in its latest effort to raise global awareness of Korean pop culture, officials said Monday.
In a phenomenon known as the Korean Wave or “Hallyu” in Korean, South Korean TV dramas, movies and pop music had captivated fans in Asia and other parts of the world over the past several years. At present, the Korean government expects a renewed surge of interest thanks to the growing popularity of K-pop bands such as Super Junior and Girls’ Generation.
From April to May, South Korean embassies in some 20 nations will hold quizzes on Korean pop culture, titled “Quiz on Korea,” a foreign ministry official said.
A winner from each nation will be invited to South Korea to take part in the final round, the official said.
“The final round will be held sometimes in July or August,” the official said, adding it will be aired by national public broadcaster KBS.
Earlier in the day, Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan and KBS president Kim In-kyu signed a memorandum of understanding on working together to spread the Korean Wave. (Yonhap News)


Credit: The Korea Herald


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