‘Go BongShil’ Luna Kim KyuJong, ‘Spreading’ Love Virus with ‘Goosebump Couple Song’

f(x) Luna and Kim KyuJong shows off their great coordination with a perfect song and dance, and sang the ‘goose bump couple song’.

On the 9-Feb, the producers of TV Chosun weekend drama ‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’ released the photos of the noeraebang* date of Luna and Kim KyuJong who are ‘InKi (InYoung + Nicky) couple’ in the drama. (*Noeraebang = singing room/karaoke room)

To be broadcasted on 12-Feb as the 18th episode, InYoung (Luna) met WonSook (Kim HyeOck) by chance and went to the shop where SukChun’s birthday party was held. Over there, she came out of the noisy party venue with Nicky (Kim KyuJong) who was working there, and enjoyed the ‘noeraebang date’ with just the two of them, and will develop a closer step in their relationship.

At the filming, Luna and Kim KyuJong sang the goose bump couple’s theme song is Humming Urban Stereo’s ‘Hawaiian Couple’. As both of them are idol singers, they were right in tune for the song and dance, setting off a loving love mode. Seeing their cute and lovely image, all the staffs who were present there sincerely recommended for them to form a duet.

‘Saving Ajumma Go BongShil’ has been brought forward about an hour to 6.50pm on weekend, through TV Chosun.


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