TEEN TOP Chunji has graduated “Now that I’m an adult I have to be more cautious of my actions”


TEEN TOP Chunji shared his thoughts upon graduating from his high school and taking his first step as an adult.

Chunji attended Sungji High School graduation ceremony which happened in the morning on 7th February at Seoul Kangseogu Auditorium with his TEEN TOP members. On that day TEEN TOP performed ‘Crazy’ the song they have been promoting recently for the graduating cohort.

After the graduation ceremony Newsen held a telephone conversation with Chunji and he shared “I was nervous performing with the members in front of my friends. Although it was the first time I’ve performed in front of my friends, I enjoyed it”

In addition when asked how he felt about receiving his graduation certificate, “It was really weird. Now that I’m an adult and no longer a high school student I thought that I need to make better decisions and actions”
Thus showing his determination of being responsible for one’s own actions as an adult and that he’ll strive to become a better person.

Chunji has been accepted into Practical Music Faculty in Hanyang University last year and he’ll become an university in March. Chunji talked about his dreams in college “Firstly I have to make friends with many people. Also I would like to experience what the variety of culture that the underaged can’t”

On the other hand, with ‘Crazy’, TEEN TOP has won consecutive 1st place in the terrestrial music programmes and are of the status of the ‘in-trend-idols’


eng trans: @oursupaluv

source: http://m.media.daum.net/media/entertain/newsview/20120207172721821


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