Jang Dong-gun and Kim Haneul confirm A Gentleman’s Dignity

So the contracts have been signed and statements have been made: Jang Dong-gun (Warrior’s Way) and Kim Haneul (Blind) have signed on to star in upcoming SBS weekend drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, the highly anticipated drama from the team behind Secret Garden and Lovers in Paris — PD Shin Woo-chul and writer Kim Eun-sook. I’m ecstatic about Jang Dong-gun returning to dramaland and I like Kim Haneul; the big question mark and potential wrench in the works for me is the story, since this writer tends to be divisive, which is putting it mildly.


The drama has been described as a 40-something male version of Sex and the City, but I’m so tired of that description because it tells me nothing other than it being guy-centric (a potentially happy change) and let’s face it, is probably completely inaccurate anyway. Thankfully we have the first little nuggets of story released: Kim Haneul will play a high school ethics teacher (which seems like an extremely specified field for high school, but whatever) named Song Yi-soo, who isn’t exactly rough or mean, but is stern and determined. She’s also an amateur baseball umpire on the side. That’s random. Ethics and baseball. Sure, why not.

Jang Dong-gun plays Kim Do-jin, successful chief architect, known mostly for his incendiary vicious tongue. Oh noes. The one-line character description is that he’s an asshole? Why, dramaverse, why? Is it basically Secret Garden minus the whimsy? Okay, his friends Kim Min-jong and Kim Suro had better be awesome, ’cause if it just stars a quartet of assholes, I’m gonna have a hard time finding the dignity in all this.

The concept is described as both a romantic-comedy and romantic-melodrama about love and loss. (Pick a lane or you’ll cause a traffic accident, I say.) It centers around four men who have crossed north of forty and feel like nothing in the world can captivate them anymore, and four women who miss the faint memory of first love’s excitement.

Jang Dong-gun: “My movie schedule in China made it a difficult situation, but because of the effort and kindness of the producers we were able to negotiate, and more than anything, I decided on the project because of my confidence in the producers.” Kim Haneul: “I’m so happy to be reunited with writer Kim Eun-sook and director Shin Woo-chul after On Air.”

A Gentleman’s Dignity will air on weekends in May on SBS.

Source – dramabeans


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