Cho PD cheers on his baby Block B

While larger labels have been known for dominating the prime time slots of public broadcasting networks, rookie boy group Block B has landed one such time slot thanks to BNS Entertainment’s Cho PD.

Cho PD didn’t hesitate when asked to dress up into Shrek for MBC’s music variety program, ‘Lululala’, and promptly did so in order to secure Block B camera time on the prime time show. Block B received praise from the producers and staff thanks to their characteristic free-spirited energy and witty variety tactics.

The show is Cho PD’s first variety outing despite his 14 year history as an artist. He explained, “I have no regrets. I’ve been sharing such privileges as often as possible whenever it benefits all of us. A lot of producers were against the idea when I told them that I would be trusting the production power into the hands of children that have not yet had their skills recognized. I still asked for their understanding. When I declared that I would be chairman of their fanclub, our management company was also opposed to the idea in fear of it getting in the way of my business responsibilities. This was still overcome.”

He continued, “During Block B’s debut process, a lot of producers pulled out when I criticized them for not rightfully including Block B’s name in the production credits. They took their songs and left. The Block B members suffered a lot of heartache and anxiety then. I think a lot of this applies to th ecurrent situation. For the past 14 years, I’ve rejected all variety offers, but if taking them means that it will improve our company, then it’s an opportunity I must take.”



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