Eom Ji Won to romance The Emperor

Ex-vampire-prosecutor Yeon Jung-hoon‘s new drama For the Emperor (or Here’s To the Emperor) has secured its leading lady in Eom Ji-won (Sign, The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry). Damn, just what I need — another drama to watch. I love each of them separately, but together? Okay, so maybe Yeon Jung-hoon with anyone is swoonworthy, but I love Eom Ji-won’s bubbly charm. Her Woman Who Wants to Marry character pretty much endeared me to her for life.


For the Emperor is about a midas-touch chaebol CEO, not an actual king, who suffers from an emperor complex. On account of the buckets of money he has? Yeah no explanation needed there. His character Ma In-tak thinks money’s the best stuff on earth, but then something happens because of his wealth that sends him on a journey to learn about what people are really like. Hm. It’s vague, but I’m thinking it might be a riches-to-rags story, because the only way you’d get someone like that to reconsider his worldview is to take away the thing he values the most.

Eom plays heroine Yoon Da-ran, an endlessly optimistic, lively and outgoing woman, whose main goal in life is to secure a rich husband. Hm. So far I’m not that excited about the character description, but I suppose it’s all in the execution. I mean, technically, her character in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry was like that on paper, but turned out to be full of win. I hope this drama’s got a light and fun tone, because if it’s Midas all over again, I’m out.

For the Emperor fills What’s Up‘s timeslot on cable network MBN, though it premieres after a break, in late February.

Source – dramabeans


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