Se7en releases his elementary school graduation picture

Singer Se7en‘s elementary school graduation photo has been made public.

On February 3rd, a photo titled, ‘Se7en’s elementary school graduation photo’, was published on online community message boards.

In the publicized photo, Se7en is neatly dressed up in his school uniform and gives off the image of a model student. Eyes were especially focused on his young yet rugged appearance.

Netizens responded,

“Was Se7en oppa vice president of his school?”

“Wearing uniforms since elementary school. Really handsome.”

“An ulzzang child (best face). So heartwarming, really.”

Meanwhile, Se7en recently made his comeback to the singing world with his title song, ‘When I Can’t Sing,’ and is sweeping a variety of music charts, placing at number one on many of them.

Source: Star News & kpopseven

Reuploaded: Omonatheydidnt


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