How can FT Island change their clothes so fast?

[Trans] 120203 Seunghyun’s Twitter

chungxuan “@mnic456: @skullhong @FtDrMH1111 @saico011 @chungxuan @FtGtJH 오빠,왜 라이브 공연에 이렇게 빨리 옷을 바꿀 수 있나요??!” ㅡ신기하죠?! 고건 비밀입니다~~*^^

“@mnic456: @skullhong @FtDrMH1111 @saico011 @chungxuan @FtGtJH Oppa, how are you able to change outfits so quickly during live performances??!”ㅡAmazing right?! That’s a secret~~*^^

chungxuan 난 강심장이아니라 약심장…

Translation: I don’t have a strong heart, I’ve a weak one…

chungxuan 어제노래 ㅋㅋㅋ내가생각해도참.. 자신감찾고 퐈이팅할게요여러부운~^^

Translation: The song yesterday, kekeke! Just by thinking of it, it’s so.. I shall be more confident and fighting, everyone~^^

Credit: chungxuan (1), chungxuan (2), chungxuan (3) + ying1005@withtreasures (translation)


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