T-ara’s Hwayoung and Co-ed/5Dolls’ Hyoyoung to star in “Lovey Dovey Plus” MV by Co-ed male members

It was revealed a few days ago that the male members of Co-ed would be releasing a special remake single of T-ara’s hit track “Lovey Dovey.” The members will be putting their own special charm and personal touch to the song by rearranging, recording, and writing the raps.

It has been revealed that the Core Content Media twins Hwayoung (T-ara) and Hyoyoung (Co-ed/5Dolls) will be starring in the upcoming music video “Lovey Dovey Plus.”

According to the agency, Hyoyoung recently cut her hair short, similarly to Hwayoung, and that it was difficult to tell the two apart. However, “Fans can expect an impressive joint performance from the twins.”

“Lovey Dovey Plus” will be revealed on February 9th.

Are you looking forward to the release?

source – koreaboo

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