“A Thousand Days’ Promise’s” Soo Ae in a Relationship with Taewon Entertainment CEO 17 Years her Senior?

"A Thousand Days' Promise's" Soo Ae in a Relationship with Taewon Entertainment CEO 17 Years her Senior?

Earlier today, “Sports Seoul” released photos of “A Thousand Days’ Promise’sSoo Ae (30) enjoying a date with famous director/Taewon Entertainment CEO Jung Tae Won (47). The two met through 2010 SBS drama “ATHENA: Goddess of War” as actress and producer. The reporter from “Sports Seoul” claimed that Jung Tae Won would often pick up Soo Ae near her home and would drive off to enjoy their time together. She continued, “They did what any other couples do on dates. They would share a bowl of pho, go on a trip together to Gangwondo during the Lunar New Year’s holiday etc.” Soo Ae and Jung Tae Won were caught at the same restaurant, Pho Bay in Apgujeongdong, that Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong were spotted a couple days ago.

The CEO of Soo Ae’s management agency personally announced, “It’s true that the two are close. However, they are not dating.” Initially, her agency stated it would take legal action against those who spread the false rumor. During a phone interview with TVDaily, the representative stated, “After great deliberation, we have decided not to press charges. We will instead redirect our focus to getting past this situation and revealing the truth.”

A representative of Taewon Entertainment stated, “We found out about this dating rumor through calls requesting confirmation. Our CEO is really close to the actresses he works with. As a result, he’s been misunderstood quite often. We believe this is just one of those misunderstandings.” He added, “We haven’t been able to reach him yet. He’s often out, working with the producers on set, so it’s quite difficult to get in touch with him.”

Source – soompi


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