Let’s support K.Will’s new song ‘I Hate Myself’

Original Tweet:

[B.F:현성] 제가 제일 존경하는 케이윌 선배님 신곡이 나왔습니다 많은 사랑부탁드립니다 RT @Thsm1: ‘K.will -내가싫다’ 선공개했습니다.얼마만의 신곡인지..ㅋ; 조만간 나올 앨범도 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다!!ㅎㅎ^^

English Translations:

[B.F:Hyunseong] With best respect to K.Will sunbaenim [whose] new song came out Please give it a lot of love RT @Thsm1: ‘K.will -I Hate Myself’ is revealed.How’s the new song..ㅋ; Please also give my soon-to-come album a lot of interest and love!!ㅎㅎ^^

source: Boyfriend’s Twitter
translated by: imzee | weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com


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