Jung Seok-won turns into Rooftop warrior

Here’s another addition to the Rooftop Prince crew: Jung Seok-won (Ojakkyo Brothers, Dr. Champ) has joined the cast as a “soonjung macho” character (tough on the outside, pure on the inside).

Jung’s role is of “Joseon’s greatest swordsman” who is quiet and forceful. How come every drama has to have a “greatest swordsman ever” character? I know the Joseon Dynasty spanned 500 years, but I’m pretty sure dramaland has got reality vastly outnumbered. They’re like the dukes of historical romances. Now I’m picturing all the drama swordsmen in a lineup and wondering who would come out tops. It’d be a convention of black robes, stone faces, and flashing swords. And the flowing hair, of course. Never forget the hair.

I do like the note about Jung’s character that tells us he turns into a shy adolescent boy in front of the woman he loves, though, which should provide a nice contrast with his fierce fighting side. I presume he’s there to guard the Joseon prince (Yoochun), two time-travels to the 21st century and falls in love again(ish) with the woman who looks just like his lost princess (Han Ji-min). Moon/Sun‘s Lee Min-ho also stars, as does Jung Yumi (Thousand Day Promise).

Rooftop Prince is now being described not only as a fantasy-fusion piece but also an action romance. So, lots of sword-fighting, and love-fighting, I presume. But with Bad Family’s writer on script duty, I’m also expecting a lot of laughs. The drama premieres on March 14.

Source – dramabeans


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