Yeon Jung-hoon back on cable with an emperor complex

Yeon Jung-hoon hit it big with cable in last year’s sensation, Vampire Prosecutor, and now he’s heading back (though on a different station) for another drama, tentatively titled For the Emperor. (Another reading: Here’s To the Emperor.)

No, it’s not a sageuk or a fantasy empire we’re dealing with. The plot deals with a young CEO with the Midas touch, who considers money to be the most important thing in the world. He literally calculates everything in terms of money, but his success has also earned him the reputation of being a tyrant; ergo, he suffers from “emperor complex.”

The emperor/CEO finds himself entangled in a strange conspiracy, however, and over the course of the drama learns what people and life are really about. His character is described as possessing a masculine charisma, to which I say, Duh. We all saw him kicking ass and taking names — and sucking blood while solving crimes, while he’s at it — didn’t we?

This one’s being produced for MBN to air on weekends, and although Vampire Prosecutor’s Season 2 is still on the table, that series has yet to solidify any concrete production plans, meaning we’ll be seeing Yeon in For the Emperor first.

Mr. Emperor had himself a youthful love; the leading lady role is still in the process of being cast. The drama will follow What’s Up on weekends, premiering in late February.

Source – dramabeans


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