‘The Boys’ Surpasses 30 Million Views on YouTube



As if Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” surpassing sixty million views on YouTube was not enough, the music video for “The Boys” Korean version on SMTown’s YouTube page has just passed thirty million views.

“The Boys”, in contrast to Girls’ Generation’s previous songs such as “Gee” and “Oh!”, showed off a more feminine and sexy side of them instead of a cute and bubbly style. The song was written and produced by Yoo Youngjin and Teddy Riley, while the dance choreography was created by Rino Nakasone.

The girls have also achieved some amazing feats despite not promoting in Korea until later in the year, such as winning six consecutive times on KBS Music Bank K-Chart for “The Boys”, and winning a triple crown on both M! Countdown and Inkigayo as well. Congratulations to Girls’ Generation on their latest achievement.

Source: SMTOWN@youtube.com
Written by: LetsGo@soshified
Edited by: SeraphKY@soshified


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