Jang Hyun enlists with the army, Sunny Hill leaves a message of support

I, freesoul, don’t usually like to repost articles from allkpop but this is a really great article and the picture at the end is so sweet! He looks so flustered!


As previously reported, Sunny Hill‘s Jang Hyun will be enlisting in the army to fulfill his mandatory two years of service

Although it’s unfortunate that he was called in during the middle of the group’s comeback promotions, his fellow groupmates left an encouraging message for Jang Hyun to keep his spirits up while serving.

Kota, Joobi, Seungah, and Misung expressed, “Don’t worry about what’s going on here and be sure to stay safe while you’re serving. We’ll make sure to succeed quickly so that you can be loved by your senior officers. Until then, though, don’t turn your support to Girls’ Generation, and don’t wear your combat boots backwards!

They added, “We know that you’re especially concerned and worried about your composition skills dropping while you’re away, but we don’t think that should be a concern since soldiers also listen to a lot of music frequently. If that isn’t enough, we’ll send you CDs.”

For those unfamiliar with Korean army culture, soldiers with a female sibling will playfully be treated better by senior officers in hopes of landing a blind date once they’re out of the army. And as we all know, Girls’ Generation is one of the army’s most beloved girl groups. Sunny Hill wasn’t referring to competition in their message; rather, they were playfully reminding Jang Hyun to pay attention to them first as his family.

“Wearing one’s combat boots backwards” is an expression that means to cheat on one’s girl back home, so Sunny Hill is asking that he not cheat on them with SNSD.

Sunny Hill will be continuing their promotions for “The Grasshopper Song“ as a four member group with special guests.

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Nate | allkpop


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