Tiffany Completes Final ‘Fame’ Musical Performance



Last night, Tiffany completed her final performance for the musical “Fame”. In the musical, she portrayed the character Carmen Diaz, a performing arts student with dreams of becoming famous. Her first performance was a little over a month ago, and SONEs showed their support for Tiffany by sending a large amount of rice to celebrate her musical debut. For her final show last night, SONEs put together another special event to show their appreciation and love for Tiffany.

After the final curtain call, SONEs prepared a cake outside the venue where the musical was performed. The cake was surrounded by candles arranged in a heart shape. Once Tiffany emerged from the venue, SONEs cheered wildly and congratulated her for a successful stint as a musical actress. After blowing out a candle on the cake and drawing loud applause from the fans, Tiffany exclaimed, “Saranghaeyo!” to the fans and promised to continue working hard in the future.





The congratulatory fan event ended as Tiffany walked to her car on a red carpet that was lined on both sides by candles. The red carpet and candles had also been prepared by SONEs in attendance. Tiffany turned and waved to her fans several more times before finally getting in her car to return home.


Written by: michaelroni@soshified


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