Lee Min Ho part of Rooftop Prince

Actor Lee Min-ho-I, who played a role in the MBC drama “The Sun and the Moon”, has been cast for a role in the drama “The Rooftop Prince”.

He will be taking on the role of genius Song Man-bo, who is the youngest ever to take a state scholars’ examination. He has the gift of memorizing numbers, letters and pictures all at o…nce and is the prince’s teacher.

Lee Min-ho-I was popular for his role as Yang Myeonggun in “The Moon Embracing The Sun”. “The Rooftop Prince” is a challenge for him as a grown-up actor.

“The Rooftop Prince” is about the story of a prince who lost his princess 300 years ago and flies into the 21st century in search of her to rekindle their unfinished love story. Other than Lee Min-ho-I, the cast is made up of Micky Yuchun, Han Ji-min, Lee Tae-seong, Jeong Yoo-mi and more. It will air on the 14th of March.

cr: Hancinema


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