Interview Kim Hyung Jun “Debut drama first filming is bed scene rated 19 & above”

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“I wish I get some scolding”

We asked Kim HyungJun, who made a debut in acting, if he worries about bad comments that his acting were bad, and that was his reply. No matter what we asked, the cheerful Kim HyungJun will reply us straightforwardly and kept using the tone ‘~Yoo’ which child actor Kim YuBin uses in MBC ‘Love Hurray’ because he find it fun.







Kim HyungJun made his debut in acting through KBS drama ‘She’s completely insane’ which started its filming in early November last year. In the drama, he acts as top star KangMin, and fortunately the character is quite similar with the reality thus he was able to manage the nerve-wreaking debut acting easily.

Kim HyungJun, who felt the same feelings of when he was standing in the backstage in 2005 when SS501 debut with ‘Warning’ during his first filming said, “It is not difficult to come out from the van.” He revealed that KangMin is quite similar to him in reality so it is a great help in minor scenes.

Looking at the explanation of KangMin’s character, the word ‘brat’ comes to mind. We asked Kim HyungJun if there is such a side of him in reality, “I wanted to act like that but I couldn’t really do that because my own character comes out to it. My character is more to the mild side but the role’s character is more soft-hearted than I thought. The role’s character is both prickly and soft-hearted at the same time.” “I hope that you don’t think of me as such a brat in reality. I wish I get some scolding in the message boards. I wish I can get lots of objective comments like I’m really a prick or a haggard.” He added, showing that he didn’t mind the criticism. However, he said that “This is not my real character at all”, reminding us that the snobbish KangMin is different from himself in reality. Distinctively, 1st episode of ‘She’s completely insane’ is marked on the screen as viewable by age 19 and above. It is because of Kim HyungJun and Seung HyoBin’s bed scene in the drama. The scene was much more than expected, and because of that scene, the 1st episode of the drama was labeled as 19 & above and became a hot topic of discussion. “I had the bed scene for my first filming. It was the first time I’ve seen Seung HyoBin and we had to film the bed scene. I was wondering what I should do and then just did it instinctively. We had one rehearsal, and because of angle problems, we finished filming upon the 3rd take.” Kim HyungJun said, explaining the situation at that time and that it was done easier than he thought. Fans’ responses went wild. We told him that “Fans were angry” and Kim HyungJun responded, “It was not an easy decision to take up the bed scene. It is my first drama and because of the bed scene, it was rated 19 & above. It is a whole new experience to me.” And he also cunningly added “I am always prepared for it.”

Kim HyungJun didn’t forget to talk about his brother Kim KiBum. Kim HyungJun said “My brother is the MC for a regular program in cable TV channel BS in Japan. He is also preparing for his album and fan meeting, as well as continue to do the cartoon character business. He is broadening his field of activities.” He is such a brother who will try to talk about his brother.

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