Dongho’s reads?

Now that’s a surprise! I am kidding…I think. But aww adorable little maknae wants the author’s autograph. What is the book even about? I hope it is appropriate.


우후후훗!!ㅎ 드디어샀습니당^^ㅎ 이제바쁜스케줄 쪼개서 독서도 시작해봐야겠네요^^ㅎ 빠른시일내에 병진이형님께 사인도 받으러 갈껍니다!!ㅎㅎ 인증샷!!

[Trans] ooooh!! hehe finally, i bought it^^ hehe now i’ll have to divide my time during busy schedules to also begin reading^^ heh soon i’ll get byung jin lee hyung’s signature too!! hehe proof shot!!


Credit: fuckyeahukiss


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