Show Luo loses to his mom at mahjong, forced to clean dog poop

26 January, Wangyi Entertainment: According to Singapore media, this Chinese New Year was the first in 8 years that Show Luo didn’t have to work. He had arranged to be filial this Chinese New Year and play 8 rounds of mahjong with his mother. At first, his mother was very happy, but unexpectedly, on the eve of Chinese New Year, Show Luo kept losing at that night’s mahjong and dice games. In a fit of anger, Show’s mother ordered him to pick up “gold” (i.e. poop) and took out her indignation on Show. She said, “Since your luck is like dog poop, hurry up and go clean the dog’s poop now!”

Show and his mom before he beat her at mahjong

This Chinese New Year, Show has been lucky at gambling. At his company’s party, he won 100,000 TWD at a mahjong game. On the eve of Chinese New Year he returned to his home and had a reunion dinner with his mother. Everyone then began to gamble. Show then announced, “Since it has come to this, it seems that I have to show off my talents! Mom, prepare to lose money! Ha ha!” In the end, Show’s mom indeed lost money. She was so angry that she kept saying, “I don’t believe that I’m so unlucky and keep losing to my son!” She turned around and saw that the dog in their house had pooped some “gold nuggets”, and immediately told Show to sweep them up. Show saw that his mom was pissed, and had no choice but to obediently clean the dog poop up with tissue.
Translation: sayhitoforever
Picture source: Kwong Wah e-Newspaper

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