Shinhwa Company Twitter Opens Officially, Members Each Tweet A Message

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Finally, Shinhwa Company official twitter account is finally open.
In 2012! Together with Shinhwa Company GO GO!!


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It has been a long time I don’t see you on twitter~ Happy New Year, This is Shinhwa’s Company CEO Moon Jung Hyeok and Shinhwa’s english rapper Eric Moon. The promise that I will meet you once again on twitter, the members would come together again after military service, and the promise that we would establish Shinhwa Company.. Now on the upcoming concert on March 24, 2012 Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo will meet again, all these promises made will be kept. We were not in advance at all times, were were not the best role models and many incidents involved us, but the reason why Shinhwa has become the only group to be running for 14 years without replacing a member is because of Shinhwa Changjo. We met when you were still wearing school uniforms, but now, wether you are a mother of a family or a member of society lifting up your orange balloons once again, let’s take pride in our 14 year old history like the Shinhwa that we are, and let us be no matter were we are in 2012 the heroes of that story, no matter what~~ watch out shinhwa’s coming 2012!


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Oh congrats congrats, the end.
Dong Wan is filming in the cold, Dong Wan Hwating!!

Also everyone, Shinhwa too, number one (the best)


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Now is really getting close~ meanwhile, for all the time that you waited for us, we will pay you even more, our orange princesses! I miss you like crazy ♥


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Im happy we were able to keep that promise we made 4 years ago.. The memories of how much I cried at the 2008 concert still alive..coming in March 24, 2012…Im looking forward to be together once again with the orange wave.. I will see you soon.. HS


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We have been thinking of you really hard, Im looking forward to the day we will meet once again, when we all six people stand on stage again , we will work even harder to impress you.


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Shinhwa will be coming back soon. I am really looking forward for it, and I’m nervous. We will meet in March. Shinhwa Changjo.

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