Kim Hyunjoong, After School, B1A4, The Boss and more in this week’s Oricon rankings

Today’s charts show us the release of Kim Hyunjoong‘s debut Japanese solo single “Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy”, which made it to the 2nd place in the daily rankings with 71,821 copies sold. After School‘s “Rambling Girls/Because of You” snatched away the 6th spot.

The daily album charts, however, show us that B1A4‘s predebut release of their Korean albums made it to the 13th spot.

The Boss‘s “Love Letters” sold 14,379 copies in its first week, resulting in a 7th spot on the Oricon weekly charts. Se7en‘s comeback mini album got to the 13th place with 9,524 copies sold. A surprise appearance by T-ara with 2,818 copies of their newest Korean mini album was noted to be at the 31st spot.

BEAST managed to get up to a 3rd spot in this week’s DVD charts with the release of their latest concert DVD.

Daily Single Chart
02. Kim Hyunjoong – Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy (01/25)
06. After School – Rambling Girls/Because of You (01/25)

Weekly Single Chart
38. 2AM – Never Let You Go ~Even if I Die~ (01/11)

Daily Album Chart
13. B1A4 – Let’s Fly/It B1A4 (01/25)
17. KARA – Super Girl (11/23)
25. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (06/01)

Weekly Album Chart
07. The Boss – Love Letters (01/18)
08. KARA – Super Girl (11/23)
12. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (06/01)
13. Se7en – Somebody Else (01/18)
31. T-ara – Funky Town (01/11) Korean Release
42. TVXQ – Tone (09/28)

Daily DVD
04. KARA – KARADISE, in Paris (01/25)

Weekly DVD
03. BEAST – BEAST the 1st Concert ‘Welcome to BEAST airline’ (01/18)
07. Girls’ Generation – Japan First Tour ‘Girls’ Generation’ (12/14)

Source: Singles (daily & weekly), Albums (daily & weekly), DVD (daily & weekly) +koreaboo

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