TVXQ’s reunion will be the savior of AVEX?

On January 22nd, TVXQ fans all over the world were greeted with an article discussing the possibility of a reunion. A Japanese media outlet posted the article with the title, “Can TVXQ be the savior of AVEX? The theory of TVXQ’s reunion project.” An official reported, “On the dawn of New Years, it was announced that AVEX and Ayumi Hamasaki are participating in TVXQ’s reunion project.” This came after AVEX reported low sales of their ballad tracks recently.

A magazine reported in Japan stated, “Japan’s most popular member is Jaejoong. Previously JYJ has had problems with AVEX hindering their activities in Japan. He continued by saying that some people are still skeptical that a reunion will actually happen, given the current and past situations between the companies and their groups.

The reporter also mentioned, “Previously, there were disputes with the charity concert that JYJ wanted to hold in Japan after the Earthquakes last year. He also noted that even though there are plenty of fans to support the project, it may still be hard for AVEX to come through on the project and see that the reunion happens.

The reunion is rumored to be a concert that will be held at the Tokyo Dome. Ayumi Hamasaki is currently working as the negotiator on the project. The project is also rumored to include JYJ’s acquaintances such as Junsu’s twin brother Juno.

Netizens have commented, “I am excited that it has gotten this far already,” “I hope this goes through,” “I don’t think AVEX can pull this off,” and “I hope we can see a reunion concert this year!”

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Note: Nothing has been confirmed yet.
What do you think of the possibility of a TVXQ reunion in the future?

Source: Newsen (1 and 2) + koreaboo


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