Following K-Pop, Korean Hip Hop, K-Hop seeks to have global recognition



Korean Pop Music has been slowly taking over the world. Many Korean artists have taken their success in Korea and turned it into success in Japan and countries all over the world. In addition to the artists that were the first to break through into Japan like BoA and TVXQ, many popular artists have been trying their hand at breaking into the industry. Girl Groups like KARA and Girls’ Generation have skyrocketed to popularity in Japan fighting with Japan’s own groups for the top spot on the Oricon charts.

Other Korean groups like FT Island and CN Blue have taken their music to Japan, also finding success in the industry. More recently, groups like BEAST, SHINee, Rainbow, Infinite, and The Boss have broken into the Japanese market. Hip-Hop girl group, YG Entertainment’s 2NE1, made their official debut in the Japanese market in October 2011.

In addition to Japan, countries all over the world have opened to the Hallyu Wave. Countries in Europe have seen performances from Cube Entertainment’s artists as well as SMTOWN. Cube Entertainment even took it’s family concert, Cube United, to Brazil during 2011. SM Entertainment brought SMTOWN to New York during October 2011 and received an explosive response from the local media in New York.

With new technology such as iPhones, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, Korean artists are able to communicate not only with fans in Korea, but also international fans. Through YouTube, Korean artists have gained a lot more exposure, leading them to commandeer awards like “Most Viewed Music Video” each month. Twitter also helps the artists to gain exposure internationally due to their names or songs becoming topics on the Worldwide Trend list.

Pop music isn’t the only thing that is spreading worldwide, however. By 2000, hip-hop groups were slowly emerging from the underground scene in Korea. Tiger JK and his wife Tasha (Yoon Mirae) along with Drunken Tiger. By 2012 and even before, Korea is home to many hip-hop artists such as Yeizon, Decipher, Tablo, Leessang, Dynamic Duo, Kikaflow, Bigtone, Flowsik, Dok2, The Quiett, MYK, Supreme Team, Jay Park, and more.

Just like 2NE1 has taken Korean Hip-Hop to Japan, many of the industries producers such as Teddy Park (YG Entertainment, 2NE1) and Jae Chong (Aziatix), hope that Hip-Hop can expand as well. Right now, the world’s idea of Korean music consists of an image of boy and girl bands with upbeat pop music. However, Teddy Park and Jay Chong, among other producers hope that Korean music can break out of its current stereotype and rise in popularity globally like European and Latin music has in the past.

For this to happen, American musician of the Black Eyed Peas has been working on 2NE1’s American debut album with is rumored to be almost completed. Jae Chong has been producing music for Korean-American K-Hop group Aziatix. Aziatix has reached the 4th spot on the iTunes Soul Album chart with their mini album that was released in 2011. Aziatix has also been performing at clubs and venues across the United States.

What do you think of K-Hop expanding globally? Do you think it will lose something if it is changed to entice the global population into listening?

Source: The Daily Beast + koreaboo


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