Upcoming group NU’EST members Ren and Minhyun gather lots attention because of their looks



With their debut just a few months from happening, NU’EST has been gathering a lot of attention from kpop fans and netizens. This five member group is set to debut in March, but pictures were already revealed through their company Pledis Entertainment and have been well received.

After member Minhyun’s (’94) picture was released earlier this month, many people have been comparing his features with those of popular actor Lee Junki. It has been said that Minhyun’s eyes and sharp jawlines have a similar shape to the actor’s and that their looks can be easily compared.

Member Ren (’95), on the other hand, has been mentioned for his androgynous looks, making more than one person ask themselves whether or not he is a girl or a boy. After seeing the teaser pictures, various fans started questioning the member’s true gender as they felt that his seductive eyes and chic look give a similar feel to that of a girl.

With ages ranging between 16 and 18, NU’EST is set to be one of the youngest idol teams around when they’ll finally debut after a lot of anticipation.

Minhyun & Junki
Posted Image

Posted Image

source – koreaboo


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