Sunny Hill’s Jang Hyun is off to the army

Aww…here goes another one!

잘 다녀 올게요 ^^ 너무 걱정 마세요~~ 늦게 말하게 되서 힐러에게도 넘 미안해요~ 앨범 활동에 더 집중하고 충실하고 싶어서 이제야 얘기하네요~

I’ll come back well ^^ Don’t worry too much~~ Because I told it so late to Hillers too I’m really sorry~ Because I wanted to focus on the promotions and finish it I could only say it now~

다녀와서는 더 풍부하고 다양한 음악으로 보답해 드릴게요~

When I’ll come back I’ll repay you with a more rich and various music~

306보충대로 간답니다~

I’m going to join the 360 draft~


Credit: sunnyhillnews


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