Will 2012 Be the Year of Im Si Wan?

Im Si Wan is the first star to emerge in 2012-an impressive feat among the many celebrities who were born in the Year of the Dragon. Im, who is member of idol group ZE:A, pulled off his first attempt at acting in MBC’s The Sun and The Moon by playing the child Heo Yeom.

Heo Yeom, graced with both looks and brain alike, wins first place in a state examination. Im drove many viewers wild by skillfully portraying the heart-throb character. Prouder Kim Do Hoon highly spoke of him, “[The popularity of the character] would be impossible without Im Si Wan.”


Im Si Wan brought into belated limelight

The nine-membered ZE:A had its second anniversary on January 15. The group has released seven albums, including a full-length album, and in the meantime it has had many interviews with several news outlets. Most of the spotlight, however, went to members like Hwang Kwang Hee and Kim Dong Jun. 

But with the drama The Sun and The Moon, things have turned around. 

What Si Wan has said in the past is now being brought back into the limelight. He spent his childhood in Busan, and has been a class representative through his schools days. In high school, he served as president and vice-president of the student body, and he was also admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Busan University. His comment in an interview, “Since I don’t have any dating experience, I think all women are attractive,” also became a hot topic.


To this, Im said, “I’m surprised and perplexed that the things that were already opened to the public became a hot topic much later. I′m sad when I think, ‘I′ve really been unknown to the public until now (laughs).” I want to please as many people as I can Though he′s been a member of ZE:A for two years, it′s undeniable that Im Si Wan has earned recognition in a short amount of time through acting. It might be natural for him to consider turning into a full-time actor, but his answer was unexpectedly simple and clear.  “I’m kind of greedy, so I want to juggle both singing and acting. I want to please all my fans, but I don’t think I have that ability and I’m not perfect. But I want to please as many people while pursuing two goals.” 


He also revealed the special affection he had for ZE:A.  “I was born to be a singer. I think I’ll keep that in mind forever. I think I was able to take up an acting career thanks to ZE:A. My priorities can change depending on the situation, but I’ll never give up my singing career.” Friendship is more important than being at the top As we complimented Si Wan on his looks and sincere personality, he kept denying it with modesty statments like“I still have a long way to go,”and “I was just lucky.” He seemed to be different from other stars who quickly forget their rookie years and demanded to be treated as top stars.  In particular, he enthusiastically praised his teammates and boasted about their close friendship. Si Wan expressed his gratitude for the other ZE:A members who monitored his acting on the drama, as even he couldn’t watch it because he was too embarrassed.  “In the old days, I wanted to be at the top. But I′ve changed. I think the priority of ZE:A is not to be on the top but to maintain our teamwork. And then mabye someday we’ll be able to take the top spot.” 


Credit: http://www.enewsworld.com/enews/contents.asp?idx=2907 + jaiswan


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