MBLAQ’s manager’s worrying tweets


이제 앞으로 트윗은 안할께요…술도안마셨구요…안타까운 마음에 저의호기로 올린글인데 심기 불편했다면 사죄드립니다. 다만 회사입장에서도 노력하고 있고..일방적인 비방이 조금? 억울해서..제가 도를 지나쳤나보네요..너무 죄송하구요..저도 엠블랙을 사랑하는 입장에서 이런 불란만든거 너무 죄송해요..진심으로 사죄합니다.에이플러스 여신님들…..감사합니다…..


I won’t tweet from now on…. I didn’t drink… It was something I posted because of my sad mind and if it offended you I apologise deeply. However from the perspective of the company, they are trying hard… And the onesided slander was a little? upsetting… I must have reached past my line.. I’m really sorry.. And I apologise for making this fuss from a person who also loves MBLAQ.. I am truly sorry. A+ goddesses…„ Thank you…„


에이플러스 여신님들께..제가처음글을쓴건 정말 나쁜의도가 아닌 회사도열심히해서 방송점수 올리겠단 뜻이었구요…이와중에 몇몇분들이 심한 욕설을하셔서..솔직히 뜻도몰랐고 어감이 안좋아서 여러분들께 여쭸는데 타팬이다..듣보잡팬이다..이런 말씀들이 많아서 쓴 글입니다.이 점에 대해선 제가 경솔하게 제 입장에서 쓴글입니다.정말 죄송하구요..여러분이 존재하지 않으면 엠블랙도 존재하지 않습니다..정말 고개숙여 사죄드립니다…정말 노력하겠습니다…죄송합니다.

To A+ goddesses.. The first post I wrote did not mean bad intent, and it meant that the company would also work hard to improve the broadcast score… During this some people used harsh forms of swearing… To be honest I didn’t know the meaning and the feeling was not good so I asked everyone but there have been many people saying that I am another group’s fan.. That I am a useless fan.. That is why I posted it. About that point it is something I humbly wrote from my perspective. I am really sorry.. And if you did not exist neither would MBLAQ.. I truly bow my head and apologise… I will try reallly hard…. Sorry.


Credit: kpoptranslates


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