Jinyoung thanks his fans for B1A4’s Rookie Award

Hello, it’s me, Jinyoung.

It’s been a long time, right?

Today, no I mean yesterday, we were able to get the rookie award again due to our BANAs love~! Because the rookie award is an award that you can only get once, it’s a really meaningful award and we’re really happy that we can start this year with a positive feeling. I think our happiness is doubled (no, 10,000 times) because we’re together with our BANA~ ㅋㅋ

Our BANA is happy too, right? ㅋ

When I look back at it, it seems like we debuted yesterday but it’s unbelievable that time has passed by like this.

Whenever, wherever we stand on stage,

we always look for the faces of BANAs who are cheering us on.

And because of the BANAs that cheered us on here and there in the seats, I was so happy~! (My shoulders went up and down ㅋㅋ)

The BANAs who couldn’t come to the award ceremony and cheered us on at home through the TV

The BANAs who screamed ‘B1A4’ really loudly there

And even the BANAs who couldn’t watch us live because they had to study, go to work, or talk with their friends…

We’re okay~ okay~

Since we know the hearts of all BANAs, even when we’re not always together, our hearts are always together!! We know this~ right?

We will really work hard for our BANA to be proud of us, so always stay next to us and watch over us~

Don’t be sad or doubt us if we can’t see you often!!!!

Although it’s something I always say, you believe in us, right?

BANA & B1A4 will be together in 2012 as well~!~!

I love you~! Our BANA~!


trans. cr; hyejin @ b1a4trans | source cr; b1a4’s fancafe


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