Lee Soo Man’s special fondness for Taemin

Tonight saw SM Entertainment’s founder and chairman Lee Soo Man stepping out of his harem for some quality entertainment. Arm in arm with SHINee’sTaemin, he walked the red carpet at the premiere of director Han Ji-Sung’s latest movie, Papa. Set largely in America, the light-hearted movie is familiar territory for the entertainment mogul: the story revolves around a talent manager, Choon Sub (Park Yong-Woo), who finds one of his six children from an unwitting contract marriage is a girl with a golden voice. Choon Sub sets out to make his new daughter a reality star and successful singer. Playing his daughter, Joon, is SM Entertainment’s own Go Ara.

Lee Soo Man’s fondness for Taemin was evident in the aftermath of the latter’s successful cloning, all of whom are expected to debut within the next month. The industry leader couldn’t keep his hands off his golden girl and paparazzi pictures reveal the happy couple looking dapper while posing with the cast of the film.

Sources KoreanMovieDB@YouTubeForeverShiningSHINee@Tumblr + grapewhine


2 thoughts on “Lee Soo Man’s special fondness for Taemin

  1. Rosa says:

    “His golden girl”??? what do u mean???? @___@

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