Jinwoon: “Dream High” Senior Taecyeon Helped Me a Lot

Jinwoon: "Dream High" Senior Taecyeon Helped Me a Lot

2AM’s Jung Jinwoon, who is playing one of the lead characters in the highly anticipated “Dream High 2,” revealed that he got a lot of help for his role from one of the first season’s cast members, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon.

“Taecyeon gave me a lot of tips in fighting the cold weather while shooting,” Jinwoon said. “He and Wooyoung (who was also in the first season) shared their know-how on being on set.”

Jinwoon’s big brothers in 2AM also gave their help and support, especially Jo Kwon and Seulong who have taken on acting projects previously. “Dream High 2” is the acting debut for Jinwoon, the youngest member of the ballad quartet.

“2AM members have a better understanding of acting and how to take on a character,” he said. “Seulong share with me a lot of know-how, too.”

In “Dream High 2,” Jinwoon plays Jin Yoo Jin, a rebellious student who aspires to be rock star. The competition shifts focus from individual star students in “Dream High” to teams in “Dream High 2.” Kirin Arts High School, where both seasons are set, has also fallen from its former glory and into dire financial straits.

“Dream High 2” airs its first episode on KBS on January 30.

Source – soompi


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