Shinhwa Company opens their own Twitter account and begins comeback countdown

The countdown has begun for Shinhwa’s return to the Korean music scene as a group with a new album this March. Shinhwa (Minwoo, Andy, Junjin, Eric, Dongwan, Hyesung) will be promoting together under the newly established company set up by Minwoo and Eric, Shinhwa Company.

On January 15th, Aziatix’s producer Jae Chong revealed a photo of himself with Shinhwa’s Minwoo and Dongwan, along with Aziatix’s Eddie Shin while in the recording studio. These photos have made fans wonder if the two group would be working together for the upcoming Shinhwa album.

On January 17th, Shinhwa Company opened their new Twitter (@ShinhwaCompany) account. The profile picture used for the Twitter account reveals the members of Shinhwa sitting on chairs and seemingly practicing/learning a choreography. The first tweet from the account reads, “Test… D-68…” beginning the countdown for Shinhwa’s legendary return.

Shinhwa is scheduled to release their next album in March in time for their 14th anniversary.

Posted Image

Source: @ShinhwaCompany, @shinleea and koreaboo


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