JYJ’s concert in Peru sold out

C-JeS Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, has announced on January 15 that the 5000-seat concerts inChileandPeruare almost sold out.

JYJ is planning to perform the two concerts in Chile and Peruon March 9 and 11 respectively.

El comercio, a leading Peruvian paper, reported, “It’s not about huge global stars like Justin Drew Bieber and Miley Cryus, but a Korean ‘idol’ group JYJ who set such a record.”

“It is not easy to watch or listen to JYJ’s songs through Peru’s TV and radio broadcasts. Even their album is not available in any Peruvian record shops. But they set such a historic record. In just 30 minutes, thousands of fans swarmed to get the tickets,” the paper added.

A representative from JYJ’s promoter in South America says, “It’s not a easy record for any popular American pop artists. We think JYJ’s popularity is astonishingly high enough to surprise interested local people in South America.”

Source – latest in kpop tumblr


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