G.Na thanks all her G.NIs for a fabulous trip to Japan


短かったけど日本でいい思い出をたくさんつくって帰りますGNI’sの皆、昨日きてくれた皆、ほんとうにありがとうございました!これからも頑張ってもっといい歌手になります。ずっと応援してください LOVE U JAPAN!Thankyou!♥

[TRANS] It was short, but I’m returning with many good memories made in Japan. All G.NI’s and everyone who came yesterday, truly thank you so much! From here on, I’ll work harder and become a better singer. Please support me always. LOVE U JAPAN!Thankyou!♥



오늘 나름 일본 에서 알찬 하루를 보내고 이제 한국으로 곧 고고! 맛있는 크레페 랑 타코야키 먹어서 기분 굿~^^ 이제 한국 도착하면 저녁에 mbc music “음악 의 시대” 연습하로 고고!화이팅!

[TRANS] Spent a fruitful day on my own in Japan today, now heading back to Korea soon GOGO! Feeling good eating a delicious crepe and takoyaki~^^ Now when I arrive in Korea it will be evening. mbc music “Era of Music” rehearsal GOGO! FIGHTING!

Translate By : @RoyalG_Tweets


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