F.I.X’s Jung Wook sings for Ojakgyo Brother

F.I.X‘s member Jung Wook commented on hearing his song in the KBS drama, Ojakgyo Brothers.

During an interview during AsianToday, Jung Wook said in disbelief, “They’re playing my song in the drama…

In addition, Jung Wook continued, “Since the beginning of December, my song has been playing in the drama, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’. At first, I didn’t know how it would sound so I was nervous when watching the drama“.

He said, “The feeling was different from recording to when it was actually in the drama. It was pretty exciting when I first heard it on screen“.

Fellow member, Oh Song, made a side comment saying, “When the song first started playing, Jung Wook started tearing“.

Jung Wook then continued to express his gratitude, “I was very happy to see that people recognized my voice in the drama“.

The OST song sung by Jung Wook, “My Heart“, garnered much attention as the soft melody matched Jung Wook’s clean and innocent voice.

Source – latest in kpop tumblr


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