Huh Guk dragged out by his manager for fanboying too much

Singer Huh Gak was spotted cheering during IU’s performance. On Jan 15th, a topic titled ‘IU fan, Huh Gak, dragged out’ was posted on an online community site. The fancam of IU performing was taken on Jan 7th at the ‘Konjiam Resort Farm Fest’, but what caught the attention of netizens was the sight of Huh Gak standing at the sidelines, cheering enthusiastically all by himself. After completing his own performance, Huh Gak was standing next to the stage, cheering enthusiastically during IU’s performance and this scene was captured in a fancam. Huh Gak’s manager quickly went over to take him away but Huh Gak brushed him off and continued cheering. Eventually, his manager grabbed him by his clothes to drag him out, but he still continued cheering while taking backward steps. Feeling frustrated that he didn’t get to finish watching, he turned around once again to look at IU as he left, proving that he is a huge fan of IU. Netizens who watched this video commented, “Is that really Huh Gak?”, “Huh Gak is really cute”, “Ah this is so amusing”, “Huh Gak is totally adorable”, “It’s IU after all! Even all the idols like her”, etc.

Translation: squishyblob @ weheartiu

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate +


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