Insoo has joined a celebrity baseball team

Dongho kiddo have you heard about this? There is a celebrity baseball team, join it if you haven’t yet!



안녕하세요 여러분 ~~ 오랫만이죠^^ 너무 오랫만이라 까먹었을꺼같아 걱정이다 ㅠ
Hello everyone~~ It’s been long right^^ I’m worried that you might have forgotten us because it’s been so long ㅠ

인수에요^^ 맞추시는분 한분이 안계시네!! 오랫만에 모 좀 말씀드리러 오면서 트윗좀 할려고했는데 안되겠네 „ 도망가야겠어요
I’m Insoo^^ There was not a single person who guessed correctly!! I came to tell you something and tweet a little, but it’s not working„ I should run away

다름이 아니라 ^^공카에도 공지가 된 거지만,
연예인농구단 “레인보우 스타즈” 에 들어가서 운동을 같이 하게 됬습니다. 돌아오는 15일 일요일 여자올스타 경기 전 오프닝 게임으로 제가 직접 경기를 하게되요!^^농구에 관심 많으신분들 일요일 1시부터 시작되는 경기 와서 같이 즐겨주시구요~ 여자 올스타전도 응원 같이 하시면 따듯한겨울 보내실수 있을꺼에요^^

It’s not different^^ There is also an announcement on the fancafe,
but I’m now a part of the celebrity basketball team “Rainbow Stars” and got to play with them. On this coming 15th, Sunday, I’ll be playing in the opening came against the female all-star team!^^ Those who are interested in basketball, do come down on Sunday for the 1pm match and have fun together~ If you support the female all-star team as well, we’ll be able to spend a warm winter^^

여러분 이만 가볼께요 ^^ ㅠ 레슨들어가봐야되서요~ 다시만나는 그날까지 .. 1초도 빼먹지 않고 생각할께…사랑해요 안녕♥
Everyone, I’ll stop here^^ ㅠ I need to go for lessons now~ Until the day we meet again.. I will think of you without missing a second…I love you Bye♥


Source: MYNAME’s Twitter
Translation: MYNAMESG


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