Sunny Hill “First music performance with 5 members…It’s a new feeling” Impressions on their comeback

The mixed group Sunny Hill is coming back with the song ‘The Grasshopper Song’, they stated their impressions about their comeback “It’s our first performance as 5, it gives off a different feeling we like it”.

Sunny Hill met the reporters on the 13th in the afternoon at KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, they said “It’s the first time we’re standing on stage as 5 after adding 2 new members. Thanks to that we could give a different feeling. It feels like we’ve upgraded”.

They added “We hear often that Sunny Hill’s performances are particular. We’re not making it different on purpose but our members thoughts are usually special so we naturally search things like these and it eventually rubs off on our music too”.




They also explained “Because each member has his music style, we all interpret differentely the song. So we think that’s how it becomes unique.We think the fact that the performances are performances that only Sunny Hill can show is coming from each member’s personnality”.

“The outfits we use on stage for ‘The Grasshopper Song’ are a bit more sophisticated that during ‘Midnight Circus’. We’re really satisfied because as women, they were outfits we wanted to wear at least once” and with determination “As Sunny Hill who doesn’t fear the changes and will give transformation to you, we will keep showing to the fans even more various charms”.

On the other hand, they’ll have busy promotions with the song ‘The Grasshopper Song’ that became a hot topic because Narsha appeared in the music video with Sunny Hill.

Source: osen ; Translation: emilie @ sunnyhillnews


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