Han Ye Seul Returns to Her Roots

Han Ye Seul Returns to Her Roots

Han Ye Seul, who had a difficult year with the KBS dramaSpy Myung Wol” controversy, has returned to her original management agency, Bel Actors Entertainment, it was reported today. Bel Actors Entertainment is the agency where Han Ye Seul first debuted and had worked with during the first six years of her career.

“We’ve restarted our relationship with Han Ye Seul,” Lee Joo Young, the CEO of Bel Actors Entertainment told local media. Lee Joo Young is the person who initially helped Han Ye Seul debut as an actress, after she won the Super Model contest.

“We realize it’s not an easy decision to return to your former agency. We’ll do our best to support Han Ye Seul in every possible way. We know there were a lot of better offers than us, but she made the tough decision of signing with us, considering our old friendship,” the CEO added.

There were rumors of Han Ye Seul establishing her own agency, or just working as her own one-person representative. She also received multiple offers from giant agencies that are much bigger than Bel Actors in size. Currently, Bel Actors mostly manages male celebrities, including Kwon Sang Woo, Park Yong Woo, and Oh Jung Sae, but with Han Ye Seul’s addition, they’ll be able to diversify their portfolio.

Source – Soompi


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