Female Lead for Shut Up! FLower Boy Band

The first girl has been cast in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, and she’ll be playing the heroine and main romantic interest, Su-ah. Given that she attracts the affections of not only our hero (Sung Joon), but also his best friend (Lee Min-ki) and band rival (casting not announced), there’s a lot of curiosity about Jo Boa, the newcomer who’s basically hit the jackpot on her first try.

If you’ll recall from the extensive character descriptions, there are two high schools in the drama, home to two very different bands. Our hero belongs to Eye Candy, and when his ragtag band of misfits transfers to Jungsang High School, they come up against the posh princes of Strawberry Fields, the three-member band led by cold, privileged Seung-hoon. 

In the clip, our hero tells us, “John Lennon once said that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus. We’re not famous or special, but we do what we want to do. We may be getting dimmer in the world, but music makes the sound of my heart grow clearer.” His character says, “I think this is the first time in my life I’ve ever worked so hard.” Altogether they cry, “Let’s shut up, and go!” (Is that Jung Eui-chul I glimpse in the clip?!)

Jo Boa’s character Su-ah attends Jungsang High and goes from princess to pauper overnight. Raised in a wealthy home, she suddenly has to figure out how to take care of herself, moving into a tiny rooftop room alone and taking on odd jobs that she’s clumsy at. She chooses to pull herself up by the bootstraps rather than whine (always a plus in my book), and because of her pride she keeps the news from her friends. Instead, she keeps a positive attitude and turns to the internet to figure out how to do things around the household.

Then there are the new boys who transfer to her school, like that Byung-hee guy (Lee Min-ki) who keeps calling her his “muse,” whom she just can’t figure out. On the other hand, there’s his friend Ji-hyuk (Sung Joon), whom she meets by chance on the neighboring rooftop. They start to share their secrets, as the attraction builds.

But there’s also Strawberry Fields’ leader Seung-hoon, her schoolmate and other admirer. Seung-hoon’s all technique and precision, but truth be told, he lacks fire and he knows it. That’s part of his aggravation with the Eye Candy boys — he can see that their raw, charismatic performances have the power to move people, and that makes him uneasy since he lacks that. Plus, the whole Su-ah thing. I’ve got to say, I like that they give him some depth — he’s a rich boy who feels stifled by his controlling parents, and part of his antagonism stems from insecurity.

It appears that Jo Boa was recently on an audition show on JTBC called Made In You, and in the youtube clip above, she explains that she’s just been cast in a drama (thanks to her Made In You exposure) and has come to do the poster shoot.

Jo Boa said about her casting, “This is my first drama, so I’m extremely excited and thrilled to be going into filming. Everything is new and amazing, and I’m grateful to be given this big opportunity.”

Little else is known about her, given that this is her first drama and she’s got a blank resumé. While a lack of experience sometimes indicates rough waters ahead, I’m taking this as a positive sign; you don’t cast the lead role of a buzz drama with a no-name rookie unless she’s good, right? (Think Im Joo-eun in Hon, Lee Min-ho in Boys Before Flowers.)

The drama airs on tvN on January 30.

Source – dramabeans


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