Jang Keun Suk Documentary to Air in Korea and Japan

There’ve been a lot of Korea-Japan movies, dramas and concerts, but the ‘Prince of Asia’ will now be plowing out a new road: Korea-Japan star documentaries.

Jang will be meeting viewers in Korea and Japan with documentaries that closely cover two months of his life.

The project was co-planned by Korea’s KBS and Japan’s Fuji TV. KBS2 aired the documentary as a new New Year’s special titled The Center of Hallyu, I Am Jang Keun Suk on New Year’s Day, while Fuji TV will follow up the broadcast with its own on January 13. Although co-planned and co-produced, the documentaries to be aired in each country will contain different content.
The broadcasts will train the spotlight on his status in Japan and the reasons behind his popularity by covering Jang’s arena tours in Nagoya, Osaka and Saitama, which sold out about 60,000 seats in just five minutes, the concert he held in Tokyo Dome with a full 45,000 member audience, a dream come true for Japanese singers, and backstage episodes.

Jang will also be showcasing an even more professional image by showing how he takes over all activities related to his career, despite his busy schedule with advertisement shoots in China and Japan and duet work with his Tokyo Dome guest singer Joosuc, as a content developer who continuously builds new roads for the Korean wave.

The documentaries will, of course, include more recent information, such as his work on the upcoming drama Love Rain, the most anticipated drama of 2012, and information that Jang has never revealed before in his 20 year career, such as stories about his school life and a tour of his home.

Jang said about the project, “I’m happy to be greeting [my Korean viewers] with a documentary on the first day of 2012, the year of the black dragon. I’m also much honored as an actor that a documentary about me will be aired in both Korea and Japan. Two months went by so fast, but I worked hard to show myself in a more honest light. You can look forward to it.”

Credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld + ParkHyunMin + treej
Shared by: Lovesears’ blog


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