Heechul’s Poem Recital FAN ACCOUNTS Compilation



“Before Heechul was going to recite, an ahjummah who came earlier told us that she directed a little of heechul’s recital, and that Heechul is the 1st singer who does poem recital as well!” 

Cr: @希君天下Joy

“The Mayor is so powerful. Heechul just read a line and he ran to shake his hand. Universal Space Big Star the best!”

Cr: @cherish

“Kim Heechul went up the stage and bowed, the music has not been played yet. The Mayor stood up, wanted to shake hands with him. Heechul was startled and went ‘oh’, so he jumped down the stage and sook hands with the mayor.

MC said: So Mr.Mayor is Super Junior fan as well! 

After that he went back to the stage and even moon-walked backstage. I was sitting on the 1st row, and I said to him: Oppa Fighting!. 

Heechul smiled and said to me: Fighting!”

Cr: @球球亲_偶遇童哥的梦想中

“Heechul moonwalked off the stage! After the event he walked out to the lobby, i said to him oppa fighting! he nodded and smiled to me…..he is really skinny and handsome in real life!”

Cr: @范萌静_

“Today at the sitting area, some congressmen were still saying that “woah, no wonder they call them Hallyu stars”

Cr: @希君天下Joy

(Before start of recital)
“Heechul started to say “I hope everyone would clap loudly” (Everyone including Mayor, inisters and such all clapped) 

Then he said “I hope all Seoul residents and everyone to be healthy”. Later the MC (jokingly) said “Heechul please be serious and start soon” hehehe”

Cr: @被萌翻的牙签TVT

Translated by: @ampburger of @Heechulfacts


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