CNBLUE Successfully Concluded BLUE STORM Hong Kong

CNBLUE kicked off their “Blue Storm” Asia Tour with their concert in Hong Kong. CNBLUE held two concerts on January 7th and 8th at Hong Kong’s Asiaworld Arena. Nearly 8,000 fans who wanted to watch CNBLUE performing live filled up the arena.

CNBLUE began the concert with “Intuition.” Afterwards they sang  “Ready N Go,” “Love Girl,” and “Love Revolution.” During the ballad section of the concert, an orchestra appeared and CNBLUE performed “ Y, Why,” “Love Rides the Rain,” and “Because I Miss You.” They concluded the concert with the songs “I’m a Loner,” “LOVE,” and “Love Light.”
CNBLUE’s members stated, “We officially began our first Asia Tour concert in Hong Kong. We were so touched by the number of fans that filled up the arena. We were very nervous when we heard that tickets were sold out as soon as the ticketing opened. I think we were able to have a comfortable concert because the audience enjoyed the show together with us. We hope that we will be able to return soon to do another concert.”

CNBLUE will release their second Japanese single “Where You Are” in February.

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Source: MyTVDaily |
Credit: @JUL_nuna | @unexpectedF 
Shared by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm


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