Se7en’s Interview at YG Family Concert Press Conference in Osaka



Q: Please tell us about the YG family concert

Se7en: I’m very happy that we can have such a YG family concert in 2012. Also, because my Japanese album is coming out, I am working hard

Q: How do you feel coming here after 5 years to perform in the YG concert?

Se7en: We prepared several things, gathering everyone and coming here to have the 15th anniversary concert. Everyone, please look forward to the concert. It’s going to be a great performance.

Q: What is each artist going to show us?

Se7en: My new album is coming out and I will be singing the title track for the first time at the concert

Q: Please say something to your Japanese fans

Se7en: I’m really happy this time. I’m very thankful for everyone’s continuous support. Because I will be starting activities in Japan this month, please give me lots of support

Q: What do you think of Japanese girls’ fashion?

Se7en: I think it’s cute

credit: CeciliaSe7en


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