Lee Min-ki makes a cameo in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Is this a fitting cameo or what? Lee Min-ki will be making a special appearance in tvN’s upcoming Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, playing a rocker.  His character, Byung-hee, leads his band with his “4-D charm and musical talent, possessing both charisma and a pure spirit.” He has a big influence on the music scene of which the drama’s main characters are a part, and may be just a little bit crazy.

Lee Min-ki’s cameo will only span two episodes, but that’s the nature of cameos, I suppose. His appearance is attributed to his connection to producer Park Sung-hye, the head of the Oh Boy Project, who was also the reason for Kim Hye-soo‘s cameo in Episode 1 of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band will premiere on January 30 and run for 16 episodes on tvN.

Source – dramabeans


2 thoughts on “Lee Min-ki makes a cameo in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

  1. miss_vicky says:

    aww, you need to come back for more~ i miss seeing and reading about you. D; oh well, will definitely watch this drama… well maybe, i don’t do well with korean dramas. thanks for sharing.

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