After School’s UEE to be absent from “2012 Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championship”


After School‘s UEE will not be participating again in this year’s ‘Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championship’.

The swimming component was added last year after UEE, who participated in the ‘Idol Athletics Championship’, had requested the program to include an event for swimmers. Although UEE was the driving force behind the addition, she was unable to participate in the event last year.

Fans who were looking forward to seeing the After School idol in this year’s round will be disappointed at the news that she will not take part in it once again. It’s suspected that UEE, with her on-going drama ‘Ojakgyo Brothers‘ and her new MC duties on ‘Music Bank‘, will be too busy to take part.

On January 7th, a total of 14 girl group members participated in the private filming of MBC’s upcoming holiday special.

Participants this year will include Nine Muses EuaerinEunji, and MinhaRainbow‘s Go Woori andNo EulGirl’s Day‘s Sojin and MinahDal Shabet‘s Ga EunAfter School‘s LizzyA Pink‘s Nam JuRania‘s T-ae, T-ara‘s HwayoungSISTAR‘s Dasom, and many others. The only solo singer to compete this year will be NS Yoon-G.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source + Photo: Star Today via Nate + latest-in-kpop


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