Tim blurts out “oops” while performing IU’s “Good Day”

Singer Tim made a small mistake while performing IU‘s “Good Day”.

During the recording for the upcoming December 7th episode of Mnet‘s ‘Yoon Do Hyun’s Must‘, singer Tim sang his own version of IU’s “Good Day”, expressing his own unique musical style.

The theme for the episode was ‘The kind of music I want to hear as I grow a year older‘, and Tim explained his choice saying, “Everytime I hear this song, I realize that I’m a lot older now.”

During his performance, Tim seemed to have forgotten a few of the lyrics as he sang the latter part of the song incoherently.

But, he earned the supportive applause of the audience after adorably blurting out “oops” in English, and performed the rest of the song like a professional.

He even changed IU’s “But I like oppa” lyrics to “I like you noona“, stealing the heart of the females in the audience.

Tim also revealed that he was the youngest of five brothers, and shared some hilarious stories of when he was younger.

Source -k pop news


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