Teen Top post a picture of their filming site



미치겠어 촬영현장 단체사진을 공개합니당~ 어색함과 긴장감으로 촬영을 시작한 것도 잠시!!! 추운 날씨도 잊게 해준 즐거웠던 촬영이었습니다~


The group picture from Crazy filming site has been revealed~ The filming started with an awkward and nervous atmosphere at the moment!!! Forgetting the cold weather it was an enjoyable shooting~




점심에 먹은맛있는 도시락과 케익ㅋ우리 엔젤분들 고마워요♥ 빨리 내일 되었으면 좋겠다 내일도 엔젤을 볼 수있으니까요ㅋ틴탑 화이팅!!! 엔젤 화이팅!!! 저는요즘틴탑의 미치겠어가 참좋더라구요ㅜ


The delicious food and cake that we had for lunch ke Thank you our angels ♥ I hope tomorrow comes sooner because we can meet the Angels again tomorrow ke Teen Top Hwaiting!!! Angel hwaiting!!! Recently I really like Teen Top’s Crazyㅜ


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